Monday, November 24, 2014

This and That

Since last Friday I've birded a few spots locally, as I haven't been able to getaway further afield (I had planned on doing the NE shore of Erie yesterday but that fell through).

On Friday (the 21st), I was 'up country', near Arthur doing some fieldwork. The weather was pretty much, exactly the opposite as today; with heavy snow, and cold temperatures, below -5 C. I even managed to get my work truck stuck (even with 4X4), which isn't something I've done too often (know on wood).

Anyways, after digging myself out, I checked Conestogo Lake. The lake was about half frozen(!); however, all the waterbirds were nicely concentrated. Highlights here were: 7 Red-breasted Mergansers (a good local bird), late-ish Doubled-crested Cormorant, a Common Raven, and a half-startving American Pipit (my latest bird up here).
Below the dam at Conestogo Lake

Yesterday, I managed to check Laurel Creek (it was dead), Puslinch Lake (completely frozen!), and then the quarry pits, just east of Puslinch. Here the water is pretty deep, and there was some ok stuff, considering the location and date. Highlights, included: 2 Mute Swan (not really a highlight, but...), 8 Ring-necked Ducks, 1 Ruddy Duck, and a single Horned Grebe.

Today, I was up near Arthur again. Highlights included 3 Snowy Owls, all within about a mile of each other. One of the birds included a pure white adult bird. Conestogo Lake had also completely opened up, and as a result I count 640 Common Mergansers! Not much else of note.

We'll see what this weather brings! Wonder if anyone was at Fort Erie yest/today/tmr????

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