Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pelee and the Island - Nov. 9-10

Since the island is so awesome, I decided I had to go back for a victory lap. It sure payed off! I was supposed to take the 6pm ferry on the Saturday (Nov. 8th), however, the ferry was cancelled because the lake was too rough for the ferry. Because of this, I had to recalculate, and instead I woke up for 04:30hr on the Sunday and drove straight down to the tip of Point Pelee. This turned out to be a good move, as there ended up being a good movement of birds moving past the tip.

No doubt, for me the highlight was the pre-basic Pacific Loon, spotted by Josh at 09:40. The bird wasn't too far offshore, however, it proved to be pretty difficult to see as it dove almost continuously. Other good birds were 2 separate Eared Grebes, 2 flyover Red-throated Loons, and an odd crow (see the checklist).

Here's the rundown of what we saw at the tip, here:

I ended up taking the 2pm ferry, allowing me, an almost entire day (the Monday) for birding. I didin't have as much luck on the island on the Monday, with the highlights being 4 Tundra Swan's and a 'Western' Palm Warbler feeding in an abandoned lot at the base of Fish Point. Click on the checklist below:

The view south from Fish Point

See you next year!

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