Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pelee Island Nov. 1-3

I recently did some decent birding at Pelee Island and the mainland on the November 1-3 weekend.

Lill and I went down to the island, spending 1 full day on the island (Nov. 2), before I had to do some birding work on the 3rd in the Tilbury area. In total we had about 90 species, with the drive down being interesting as there was north winds >50km/hr. Enroute, on the Saturday, I convinced Lill to take a 'break' just east of Wheatley, where I did a 20 minute hawk-watch, the highlights being a flock of 17 Sandhill Crane's flying high up and to the west.

We ended up taking the 6pm ferry and were all set up at the Bird House just before bed time.
Sunset on the Jiimaan
We had the Sunday all set-up for our full day of birding, so I made sure we made the best of it. We started the day at Fish Point, where we walked halfway out the mile long sand spit, and were rewarded with a Purple Sandpiper. It was hanging out with a bunch of Sanderlings right at the very tip.

The view of Fish Point, looking NE, towards South Bay
 After that we drove the island, checking just about any spot that looks like it has potential. The 2 big highlights throughout the rest of the day were Clay-coloured Sparrow, Magnolia Warbler (hanging out at my future cottage lot!) and my island lifer Northern Saw-whet Owl (banded by PIBO later that night). Like always, the island was dead (people-wise), but it was pretty darn relaxing, and really reminded me why its so nice to get to the island.
Northern Saw-whet Owl banded at PIBO
Check out our full eBird checklist here:

On the Monday (the 3rd) we took the 7am ferry, giving me lots of time to do my work. Starting at the Tilbury sewage lagoons I had the long-staying Cattle Egret.

My study site had some other really good birds, especially considering the date, including 2 Golden Eagles, right over me and some late shorebirds (2 American Golden-Plovers, 52 Dunlin, 1 White-rumped Sandpiper, and 5 Pectoral Sandpipers).

All in all a great weekend.

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