Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Strathroy Golden

I had some work in the Strathroy area today. While working, I had a number of interesting sightings. Most exciting was a Golden Eagle which appeared to be hunting, near the intersection of Sylvan and Elm Tree Road's. It was observed heading west, not too high up. Here's a pretty awful pic of the bird below.
I know this is a pretty poor pic, but considering it was a point and shout camera I wasn't that surprised. If only I would've brought my camera.......oh well.

Other interesting sightings in this area included:
Red-shouldered Hawk - 1 bird perched along Hwy. 402 at km marker 78
Bald Eagle - 1 adult

We saw this Baldy only a few minutes after the Golden! Not too bad to get both eagles in the winter in such close proximity (both time and distance wise).

Northern Harrier - 1
American Kestrel - 3
Red-tailed Hawk - 12
Rough-legged Hawk - 11 (all light morph's)
Ring-necked Pheasant - 1
Great Black-backed Gull - 1 adult in field at Hwy. 402 and Kerwood Road
Brown-headed Cowbird - flock of ~50
Northern Shrike - 4

I'm going to be heading back to this area for the next two months for work, so I'm pretty excited that I'll see some other things. 


  1. I need to get me one of those 'point and shout' cameras. Especially if it works for great birds like Golden Eagles.

    Great sighting Ken.


    PS. At 281 you only have 20 years to go.

  2. Hey Ken, where was your camera? Shouldn't you bring it with you?!

    Although the point and shout sounds pretty cool. What does it say?

    Brandon ;)

  3. Ron - Haha thanks. Working on the Long Point, got 2 Snowies in late December! Only 50 to go.....

    Brando- ya ya, pretty cool nonetheless! How bout Lesnar's weak show at 141??

  4. Now that I have control over Norfolk eBird, I'll be looking at some sightings a little more carefully. :-)

  5. Lol, I guess I better be careful eh?....