Monday, January 23, 2012

Easternish Ontario this past weekend

This past weekend I spent my time at my sister-in-law's family cottage at Charleston Lake, just north of Gananoque. It's a nice place, not too far from Kingston, but feels nice and isolated. Mike and I did some good 'ole fashioned birding to to Amherst and Wolfe Island's on Saturday in search of owls and other raptors, and weren't disappointed.

In the morning (on Saturday) we hit up Wolfe Island, touring the island for about 2 hours. We had 8 Snowies, 3 N. Harriers and a few Red-tail's and Rough-legged's (though not as many north of Waterloo! Just sayin'). We were able to get some good looks at a few of the Snowies, including the one below.

I also was able to use my driving AND birding prowess by taking another vid of this Snowy.....

After Wolfe, Mike and I headed to Amherst to finish up the day. We had another Snowy, 8 Short-eared's, and best of all a Eastern Meadowlark! It was nice to see a bird that had other colours than browns/black's/gray/s.

All in all a nice day out!

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