Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Recent happening's

Not too much happening here, alittle under the weather, but nonetheless stuff is happening. 

A young male Indigo Bunting was found on Sunday at Riverside Park, in Cambridge!!! Pretty crazy
To see pictures click on the link below:

Directions: heading west on Hwy. 401, exit at exit # 278B - King Street/Shantz Hill Road. 
Go south on Shantz Hill Road (this is also technically Hwy. 8). At the bottom of the road turn left
 onto Fountain Street, almost immediately this road curves right (south), just after the bend is 
the entrance to Riverside Park (on the left). As far as specific direction to where the bird was 
I'm not entirely sure, though there is a boardwalk which in the past is good for sparrows, so
 I'd start looking there. 
In other news, the female Mountain Bluebird is still around. I was able to head down on Saturday
with a friend and we were lucky to see it!!

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