Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pelee Island....again

Well made it back to the island again. Had the day off, so Charlotte (whom I'm working with) and I decided we might as well head on over to the island, instead of kicking around the boring mainland!

On the ferry ride over, we had an adult Little Gull flying around, which was pretty cool. Definitely a good indication to the interesting gulls we would see throughout the day! Arriving on the island around 11:30, we went to Fish Point, where we met up with my friend Claire Sanders from the Pelee Island Bird Observatory ( and toured around there. Fish Points pretty nice and chill, there weren't too many people hanging around there or the island for that matter.

We had some neat birds here too; 1 first-year Lesser Black-backed Gull and an adult Ruddy Turnstone on the beach. 

We saw some more cool butterflies; 2 American Snouts, Tawny Emperors and tonnes of Giant Swallowtails.

While coming back to catch the ferry at the West Dock the real surprise of the day was on the dock adult Laughing Gull! Definitely pretty cool! Also present at the ferry dock was another Lesser Black-backed Gull (first-year).

I guess the lesson of the day in terms of birds is that "lifes like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get".

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  1. Those are some Fan-Freakin-Tastic pics of the LAGU man!