Monday, July 25, 2011

Its gettin' hot in here

Well at least the heat appears to be disipating, but man the last few days have been alittle overboard and I mean overboard! Last thursday was a challenging day with work being outside during the main heat, especially when with the humidex factored in, it was over 50 degrees C!!! What the shit?! I didn't know we were in Dallas or New Orleans....

Some more interesting birds are around the Kingsville area than what I mentioned in my last post.....

Tilbury continues to impress. The habitat in both lagoons are becoming really excellent. There hasn't been much turnover in terms of fall migrant shorebirds, but there are some interesting birds hanging out. I've had the following:
1 Baird's Sandpiper
4 Stilt Sandpipers
1 Greater Yellowlegs
2 Short-billed Dowitchers

Blenheim is kinda crappy, not gonna lie, but I had 2 American Wigeon's and there is always the chance that something good will turnover. See Josh Vandermeulen's blog

Holiday Beach though was where its at. Early Friday morning, Brandon Holden and I had an adult Cattle Egret! Check Brandon's super awesome quality pic at    A pretty sweet find indeed and another new year bird.

While I was swimming in front of the cottage (just outside of Kingsville) I had a young (first-year) Lesser Black-backed Gull and 2 Black Terns. It seems like lesser's are everywhere this year.

The last pretty interesting sighting(s) I had, along with Brandon Holden was a pair of Lesser Scaup along the Detroit River, near Amherstburg. Interestingly enough, I saw another Scaup at the Kingsville ferry dock.
drake Lesser Scaup at the Kingsville ferry terminal

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