Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pelee Island - Spring 2011

I spent the better part of the month of May on Pelee Island again this year. I love it there, the island atmosphere always lets me get back to the 'little' things that matter and helps me de-stress and just lets me enjoy the outdoors, writing, sketching or photography whenever I want.

Basically all I do there is go birding, which may seem alittle over the top, but its something that I look forward to every year! I hope its something I'll be able to do for a long time.

I've included some of my favourite shots that I took this year.....

I was doing research for my master's, so I was supposed to be on-site alittle before sunrise. Here's a shot of a sunny morning.

Summer Tanager - adult male, not the greatest shot, especially for such a brilliant bird

Red-necked Phalaropes - this was actually in Leamington, behind a Shoeless Joes restaurant!!

Prothonotary Warbler - this is by far my favourite bird, this guy was on territory at Fish Point. When I left a female had arrived and they were 'setting up shop'.
Gray Fox - not a bird....there was a den under a cottage owned by the bird observatory. Pretty cool!!

Henslow's Sparrow - Scott Hume took this picture, pretty nice bird! A real treat!

Canada Warbler

Blackpoll Warbler - this guy flies non-stop in the fall from Nova Scotia to S. America!

A nice adult male Scarlet Tanager


  1. Great start to the blog! I look forward to reading more exploits.

  2. Ken, I'm glad to see you started a blog. Excellent photography! I hope you enjoy the blogosphere as much as I have!-Dwayne

  3. Hey there Ken, I'm glad you started this so I can follow your birding adventures. I'm up to 211 birds for Ontario so far. That Prothonotary Warbler was the first I'd ever seen. Missed that sparrow by about two hours. Stupid storm delayed the ferry. You can check the blog about Punk Rock Big Year here.