Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Years day birding

I hadn't really ever done a solid day of birding on New Years day, so I decided I'd give it a try yesterday. I decided to do a winter favourite of mine: driving the Lake Erie shore from Long Point to Haldimand County. While I didn't do the full extent of the shoreline, I did do a major chunk of it.

Starting at Adam Timpf's place, I checked his well-stocked feeders and came up with several overwintering birds, including a flock of blackbirds: 5 Red-winged, 2 Rusty and a group of 20 BH Cowbirds. In addition, my FOY Song and White-throated and a somewhat unexpected Field (I didn't think I'd get it).

Making my way south to the lakeshore I came across a male N. Harrier and several large flocks of sparrows. In Port Royal, right at the birdge with Big Creek I had 2 excellent finds: a Hermit Thrush 'chucking' away and a curious Gray Catbird!

From here, heading east I had the large, wintering flock of Sandhill Cranes (~120), east of Port Royal. Near Fisher's Glen I came across more White-throat's and a nice Fox Sparrow along the road shoulder.

Continuing east, I didn't have too much else, especially with the wind picking up, but did come across a nice Northern Flicker (I like seeing these guys in winter) and several Rough-legged Hawks.

All in all, I had a decent total for January 1st of 49 species.

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