Friday, December 12, 2014

Dunnville to Port Dover - December 12th

I decided I had worked enough hours this week and took today, Friday Dec. 12th off. I always really like checking Haldimand County, especially in the winter. The region is so underbirded, yet has great potential for something really awesome (while not crazy two(?) winters ago, my Dad and I found a female Eurasian Wigeon).

Anyways, on my way down to Dunnville, I spotted a large flock (circa 2,000 gulls) in the field opposite of the Hagersville Dump. While the majority of the birds flushed and I didn't have a chance to ID most, I did find 1 first-winter Glaucous (new Haldimand Cty. bird), 1 first-year Lesser Black-back, and 53 Great Black-back's (seems like a good inland count).

Some gulls near the tire fire town.
Next, I drove to Dunnville, checking the mouth of the Grand River. I was surprised to see the back bays all frozen (doesn't look good for Puslinch Lake on Sunday...). Here my highlights were a Common Loon and my first of 2 Snowy Owls.


Snowy #1. I thought it was kind of interesting to see the 3 AMCRs essentially surrounding the SNOW...never seen that before.
Driving along the lakeshore was quite nice and relaxing, as there was barely any traffic. I didn't see too much out of the ordinary, but things like:
36 Sandhill Crane's
1 Tufted Titmouse (FOY...)
2 White-throated Sparrows
a few Song Sparrows
2 light Rough-legged Hawks
4 A. Kestrels
3 N. Mockingbirds
How many NOMOs do you see?

Close-up of 1 of the NOMOs
 My eBird checklist has the full list, here.

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