Monday, December 15, 2014

Cambridge CBC - Area 6 recap

Yesterday, Sunday December 14th, my Dad, Fraser Gibson and myself set out on our 20th annual Cambridge CBC. Our area covers the extreme NE section of the CBC, encompassing Puslinch Lake to the north, Valens CA to the southeast, and the town of Clyde to the west.

Over the past 20 years we've had some decent count birds among the 84 species; Varied Thrush (Mike only, in the early 2000s), Canvasback, Long-tailed Duck, Killdeer, an odd..LBBG ('01), Greater and Lesser Scaup, Red-breasted Merganser, Ruddy Duck ('12), Red-shouldered Hawk ('11), A. Coot ('11 and '12), and E. Meadowlark '04.

Anyways, yesterday, my Dad and I met Fraser around 0630hr for some owling; the wind was pretty light, but yet we still only managed to get 2 E. Screech-Owls. I think the very light drizzle dashed our chances of having more responses from owls, but its always interesting to see the year-year differences--no year is the same!

We first checked Puslinch Lake - the lake was only about 10% open. We didn't have too much, best was 4 GBBGs, 10 or so COMEs, and some HERGs. We split up and covered the woods, where I managed to get a light RLHA (rare in our area) and some AMROs, as well as 2 fly-over COREs.

With the temps rising, we checked the lake again and had a CORA fly-over (our 3rd count record; all since 2011) and a first-year Kumlien's Gull with the now larger flock of gulls loafing on the ice. We noticed now that the lake was a fair bit more open and thought to check it later in the day.

After this we checked some backroads, all ending at Puslinch Lake, where we scored pretty good, with singles of SOSP and WTSP (relatively decent on the count), as well as an adult CHSP! It was moving with a flock of DEJUs and I was happy to get both Fraser and my Dad on it, as well as take a photo.

Our first-ever CHSP for Area 6 of the CBC
Things got abit quieter now that it was around lunch-time; we checked Valens CA, hoping for the lake to be open. It was slightly open and we added CANG, ABDU and MALL here. After this, we went back to Puslinch and notched an adult Glaucous Gull.

In total, we had 39 species; see the eBird checklist, here:

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