Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Another Eurasian....

Haven't posted much lately, school shit is pretty busy right now, and I've almost finished a complete draft of my MES thesis! Pretty exciting, at least for me, as this means more time birding!!!

Yesterday I was working near Parkhill, NW of Strathroy. On our way home, I was able to persuade my colleague to head over to Thedford and then Greenway Road, near Grand Bend. Good thing too!

As it happened, we were passing along Greenway Road, when we noticed some Bonies in flooded field. I turned the truck around and checked them out. A distant duck caught my eye, and voila, a drake Eurasian Wigeon!

Not the greatest pic, but its with my phone thru my scope + 40km/hr winds!

Some years this is a tough bird to get, but not this year...this is my 3rd EUWI of the year, including 2 of which have been self-found.

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