Thursday, March 28, 2013

How many Little Gulls do you see?

I saw this on Facebook and thought I should really steal that and claim as my own...actually I thought it was pretty awesome and thought it would be a fun blog post. The picture is by Cory DeStein from near Presqu'ile State Park, in Pennsylvania, just south of Long Point.

They've had a flock of several thousands Bonies, with at least 52 Little's! Here's the pic:

How many Little Gull's do you see? I counted 5...and 2 alternate adult Bonies.

Last weekend, my Dad, Mike and I led a KWFN outing down to the Long Point area for our annual waterfowl outing. We had lots of great stuff, including 25 Little Gull's at Turkey Point. Mike was able to get some great shots, some of which I've stolen from him and pasted below:


  1. Hey Ken

    Counted 92 LIGUs at TP on the 31st.


  2. Wow! That's pretty awesome! No BHGU's? Apparently there have been 2-3 at Presqu'isle, that would be a sweet bird to get a TP or LP in general.

  3. Check out the 3rd picture from the top. Definitely a BHGU on the right with the black underwing primaries.