Saturday, October 27, 2012

Prince Edward County and some weather related stuff

This weekend has seen me head on over to Mike's place, just north of Belleville for the weekend. Today we birded Prince Edward County in the morning, before heading to Presqu'ile for Doug McRae's surprise birthday. But anyways, back to the birds.

Mike and I headed straight for Point Petre first thing. We didn't have anything too noteworthy, a single White-winged Crossbill, all 3 Scoters and a few Bluebirds. Here's the full checklist -

After this we toured the island/county for a an hour or two, but didn't see anything noteworthy. After PEC we went to look for the reported Glossy Ibis and Hudsonian Godwit in Gosport, and weren't disappointed! Despite it being kind of shitty outside (rainy, abit foggy, and cool) we picked up both 'targets'.

But anyways, that was about it for our day birding. We ended up going to Dougie McRae's for some beer and food, which is always nice!

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