Friday, September 21, 2012

Workin' like a boss....

It's been alittle bit since my last post. School's started, and with work continuing to be busy, I haven't had much time for a post, regardless if I had anything worthy to post!

However, that all changed today, when I was working down just east of Rock Point. I've been going down there every Tuesday/Friday. I've been checking the Mosaic-Esterhazy ponds north of Rock Point, and today was very pleasantly surprised to find an American Avocet! Better yet this was my first self-found Avocet in Ontario!

I was able to digi-phone some shots, which are needless to say rather poor, but oh well - better than nothing!

There was some 'good' butterflies around too -- singles of Dainty Sulphur and Variegated Fritilary, among hundreds (est 400-500) of Monarch's.


  1. Took ya long enough to join the self-found Avocet club!!! Sweet find buddy

  2. Nice find! Wish I had time to drive to Dunnville this weekend.