Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Birding....I mean work

Alrighty, so you know when you look back at previous things you've written, you realize how poorly you wrote that something? Well I find that's something that I seem to cringe alittle about, so I'm hoping this blog post will be alittle better than the previous one....

Anyways, since I've been back at work now almost two weeks, I've been able cover some pretty decent ground through south-western Ontario. Last week I had mentioned that I was in the 'Chat-ham' area, this past week has seen me in the Shelburne, Bayfield, Grand Valley and even local area near Heidelberg(!). I've been doing a fair bit of breeding bird work, since the birdies are really going 'all-out' at this time of year...

Here's my ebird checklists from this week thus far:
Monday: north of Shelburne -
Tuesday: south east of Bayfield -
Wednesday (today): just north west of Waterloo -

I've also been able to take some pics with my new phone (it has a great camera, that I'm hoping I'll be able to digi-scope something really sweet with), though haven't been able to take pics of really any birds, but nonetheless here are some 'nice' scenery shots.

Near Bayfield, along a nice stream


'Typical' Wellesley Township early morning

And since I'm a devoted birder, here are some random shots (of birds), which are in no particular way related to the general 'jist' of this post, but just for shits and giggles...
Lawrence's Warbler - 2009 - Port Elgin area

Piping Plover - Sauble Beach - 2009

I couldn't resist...

And in other news....I was accepted to give a poster presentation of my work down on Pelee Island/Point Pelee on reverse migration at the North American ornithological conference, but have also been asked to do surveys on James Bay. Both things overlap and I opted for James Bay....check out Jean Iron's website to see basically what I'll be doing from August 1-15...I'm pretty excited!


  1. When you gonna post about how the Old Bird 21C performed for you this spring?

    Chatham, Shelburne, Bayfield, Grand Valley... sounds like wind turbine country.

  2. Yeah It is tough birding, birking, working this time of year.

    What type of phone did you get?

    I am trying to do both the conference and Longridge Point. All up to the family if they want to see me much this summer/fall.

  3. Rob - I likely won't have anything until this fall....that's when I'll be doing my analysis. Though rest assured I will share what I get.

    Tyler - got the torch 2. Yeah that'd be nice to do both! That's for sure.

  4. Are you at Longridge or going to the other camp?

  5. As far as I know going to Longridge with Jean, Barb and Josh