Saturday, April 28, 2012

P-P-P-Pelee Island #2

Well, haven't posted anything on Ontbirds for the past few days, but I will once we hit May....there hasn't been too much new to really report.

The Yellow-throated Warbler(s) are still surviving in cold and wet weather. Mike and I heard one bird singing today, but will look for it tomorrow when it's a little warmer. Here's a pic of one of the birds from yesterday .

Today there was some new stuff around, including our first Least Flycatcher, Warbling Vireo, Yellow Warbler, Lincoln's and White-crowned Sparrow's. Mike's heading out tomorrow and it looks like the Holden's are going to be coming down for a few days until they get there cottage all figured out.
Typical view during dinner at the cottage....


  1. Ken, since visitors can't take their vehicles on the ferry, what's the transportation situation out on the island?

    Wendy Durante