Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gettin' ready for pelee....island

Yup, its getting to that time of year, when the push of neotropical migrants is starting to build, and over the next 6ish weeks we'll see the main push of spring migrants. I'm heading down to the island to 'set-up' my microphone for field work next Friday. For those that don't know, besides looking at 'reverse migrant's', I'm also going to be looking at nocturnal migrants with the 21C microphone, built by Old Bird Inc. this year, so it should be pretty neat.

There's some cool software that I'll be using to analyze the recordings - one is specifically designed to ID Dickcissel's! I've had 8 Dickcissel's since 2010, while doing reverse migration monitoring, so its likely they show up more frequently over night.

I'm hoping for a 'real' CMF this year....I haven't had any since the Western Wood-Pewee in 2010, so hopefully I'll get something along the lines of one of these....

Anyways, one of these guys would surely make my day.


  1. Does the program ID the Dickcissels in real-time? Or do you have to load the data into a program for it to analyze? Who developed it?

    You should give me the data to play with afterwards :)

    That GRWA would be one CMF!

  2. Re: Dickcissel software
    Yeah you can set it up so that you can analyze it in real-time or afterwards when you load the data. I'll be doing the latter.

    Yeah I'm sure we could work something out if you wanted to take a look at it.

  3. That microphone assembly looks really gangster; you gotta love that it uses a paint bucket! I'd like to see it in action some time! Bachman's Sparrow would be nice, but for you I predict a Cassin's Sparrow instead.

  4. Haha ya, you'd be surprised how effective the paint bucket really is! I've been getting too many calls to go through already, so I'm abit nervous for May. Yeah, I think I could go for a Cassin's.....!