Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Alrighty, so its super official, Brandon Holden, Barb Charlton, my brother Mike and I are rockin`our way up to Netitishi Point, near Moosonee. Were taking the Thursday train from Cochrane to Moosonee and then chartering a helicopter Friday at 1pm. Were spending 13 days(!!!) on the coast, watching for waterbirds and whatever else flies by!

Should be pretty epic! I`ve been wanting to do this trip, for literally 10 years, but finally was able to finagle stuff around, so I could go.

There are several species which I am hoping to see, last year Brandon Holden went for a similar time, and saw 5 species which would be new Ontario birds for me:
Sooty or Short-tailed Shearwater
Pacific Loon
Black Guiellemot

It should hopefully be a pretty good year for Gyr`s so here`s to hoping for something nice! Other sweet birds, that have been seen on the 3-4 other trips done at this time of year, include:
Northern Fulmar
large Murre sp. - most likely Thick-billed
Northern Gannet
Northern Wheatear

Anyways, whatever we see should be sweet, wish us luck!

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