Tuesday, October 11, 2011

15 to go.....

So I thought I'd update  this. Back in the summer I had made some predictions on A) whether or not I could see 300 species in Ontario in this calendar year, and B) what those next 30 species would be. I'm currently sitting at 285 species for this years list....lets take a look at my predictions and see where I've gotten them right/wrong!

My predictions
1. Trumpeter Swan - got it La Salle
2. White-rumped Sandpiper - got it several spots
3. Red-throated Loon
4. Red-necked Grebe
5. Snowy Owl
6. Golden Eagle - got it! Seacliffe
7. Brant
8. Long-billed Dowitcher - got it Tilbury
9. Barred Owl
10. Short-eared Owl
11. Pine Grosbeak
12. King Eider
13. Whimbrel - got it Van Wagners
14. Hudsonian Godwit - got Port Stanley
15. Black-legged Kittiwake
16. Sabine's Gull - got Van Wagners
17. Pomarine Jaeger - got it! Van Wagners
18. Long-tailed Jaeger - got it Van Wagners
19. Ross's Goose
20. Harlequin Duck

21. Gyrfalcon
22. Red Knot - got it Casselman sewage lagoons
23. Purple Sandpiper
24. Buff-breasted Sandpiper - got it near Ottawa
25. Northern Hawk-Owl
26. Great Gray Owl
27. American Three-toed Woodpecker

28. Black Guillemot
29. Sharp-tailed Grouse

30. Northern Fulmar

Sooo, summing up I've seen 11/30 of my predictions...the other 4 species not on my list are;
Snowy Egret - Ontario bird!
Purple Gallinule - lifer!
Red Crossbill
Nelson's Sparrow

So with 2 months and 20 days left will I see 300 species? You never know, but I think I can do it! There are lots of possibilities, especially with Netitishi Point in 2 weeks! God-damn I'm excited to go! Its gonna be great to get away from everything and see some neat stuff up north! Sorry for the rant! lol

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