Monday, June 29, 2015

Recent Happening's -- June 2015

It's been a while; June has, as like most years, been incredibly busy; I can't believe it's just about over!! I've been in the field every day this month, covering principally southern Ontario, west of Toronto, to the Bruce, to the Pelee area. I've given a select few highlights from the past month that I can remember.

I've had a work-site just NE of Blenheim, where I've done 2 (out of 3) breeding bird surveys so far. The habitat is quite interesting (old field), given the area. I haven't had any Dickcissel's or Henslow's Sparrows that I was hoping for, but have had up to 3 singing male Clay-colored Sparrows and a Yellow-billed Cuckoo, both of which were quite nice to have (

Being down in the extreme SW area of the province, I've also had the chance to do some decent birding on my own, picking up some White-rump's at Hillman in early June (, and checking out some backroads. On June 12th (my first trip down), I checked the area around Port Glasgow out and had some nice stuff along Gray Line, including Hooded Warbler and Yellow-throated Vireo ( I was back down for my 2nd trip on the 24th and decided to check out Moraviantown First Nations and Skunk's Misery--I wasn't disappointed! Just driving the backroads, I had a total of 8 Hooded's, 2 Yellow-throated Vireos, 3 Blue-winged's, 1 Magnolia (pretty surprising), and best of all a singing male White-eyed Vireo!
Moraviantown FN:
Skunk's Misery:

Somewhere in between (June 15-18) I went with Chris Law up to Sault Ste. Marie to do some Canada Warbler and Common Nighthawk surveys. We saw lots on my work surveys, including calling Barred Owl, Cape May and Canada Warblers (among 14 other species of warblers). In our free time, we checked out some local Sault hotspots, including driving Hwy. 638 and the Bruce Mine's sewage lagoons. Highlights included (in no order), Sedge Wren, 3 Clay-colored Sparrows, Black-billed Cuckoo (, a few Purple Finches, a single Red Crossbill (, a pair of Mute Swans ( 

One of my point counts, about 2km from the nearest road; pretty nice. The bugs like it too!
More recently (Friday June 26th) I had grassland breeding bird surveys near Clinton. The site was quite nice, with some interesting birds too: Grasshopper, Clay-colored Sparrows, and an Orchard Oriole (
Nice view, with the 'umbrella' tree in the background.

Coming back from the site I realized that the Little Egret was being seeing, rather consistently, in Ottawa. I had the next 80 minutes to debate driving another 300 minutes to Ottawa....getting back to Waterloo I gassed up, checked Ontbirds and decided to give'r! Leaving at 9:50, stopping for 2 minutes in Tweed to go pee, then picking Mike up in Perth, we arrived at Brittania at 3:15 to have Bruce Di Labio have the bird in the scope awaiting! Damn! That was good!
I probably won't be able to justify going this far for a rarity for a while....
I almost forgot too...there was an American Avocet also hanging out (! Kind of cool! Not what you're thinking though when you head to Ottawa! I was pretty happy to get the Little Egret though, I couldn't imagine driving twice let alone three times for it (sorry Barb and Josh)!!

With so much happening in June, you'd think I'd be tired of it? In terms of lack of sleep, then yes, but for fun, no. On Thursday, my Dad and I are heading up to Cochrane and the Detour Lake Gold Mine for our 3rd annual BBS surveys! It'll be nice to get some boreal species.
We should see some of these! :)

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