Friday, March 13, 2015

Bruce and back

We headed up to Lill's cottage on the Bruce, pretty close to Tobermory, last weekend. Suffice to say, it was, and I expect, it is still quite wintry up there...

Ice is still pretty thick...but nice and blue!
I managed to scope out the Nocturnal Owl Survey route that I'll be conducting next month, just south of the cottage, but overall didn't really see too much up there, minus a large congregation of Common Ravens (~135 at the municipal dump).

On our drive back (Monday March 9th), we came across a Snowy Owl near Tara. Closer to Waterloo we had 3 Snowies within 500m. from one another - pretty cool!

Just outside of Heidelberg we spied a Short-eared Owl sitting on the fencepost. Lill got a few decent shots with her point and shoot.

Possibly one of the same birds present for a few weeks in the area (as many as 3 individuals).
Anywho, not too much else happening this week, but the next few will be different, that's fo sho.

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  1. Hello Ken,
    I was just wondering why you're keeping your eBird submissions from public view.
    This is making me want to see them more! lol
    Is there a chance that you'll open them up for nosy parkers like me to see them? :)
    Happy Birding,
    Karen Hass