Thursday, October 31, 2013

Brown Booby at Long Point!!!

This is Mike reporting for Ken...this morning while sitting in "the shanty" (classic lake watching shelter at the tip) at the Tip of Long Point Ken and the other birders there were lucky enough to see a BROWN BOOBY almost fly into them and flyover their shelter. The bird then headed NE and eventually joined a feeding frency about 1km off the tip. They got to observe the bird doing several plunge dives! Presumably this is THE Niagara River Brown Booby. Maybe it has been out in the middle of Lake Erie all this time, or maybe just the fewer birders going looking for it haven't turned it up...

Anyways, Ken will have more details but here is a phone-scoped shot he got of it:
And here's another shot, this was taken when the bird flew by within 20ft of them (this is a cell phone shot of his camera's screen: