Saturday, December 1, 2012

Waterloo reg.

Today Alvan Buckley and myself did abit of  tour up to Conestoga Lake, and back to Waterloo, finishing adjacent to the Waterloo landfill. Alvan posted a nice recap of the day, here.

I took some pictures actually, with some of the gulls present below:
Glaucous Gull - December 1, 2012

Iceland Gull - December 1, 2012
Alvan and I had checked the storm-water pond from Ira Needles, but didn't see the goose until after several mintues of looking. Some shot I got, are below:

Ira Needles has been pretty good the past few years, with some great potential for a rare gull. Mew, Slaty-backed and California all good candidates.

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