Saturday, December 24, 2011

T'was 2 nights before Xmas and I was really hung over....

Well the story goes abit like that....I met Barb Charlton aka 'barbed-wire' in Woodstock at 6am this morning, more or less in a conscious state. We took off then towards Kingsville to look for the Great Gray Owl  that was reported on Ontbirds last night.

We got there around 8:30, and quickly found a Snowy Owl perched on a hydro pole in a spot, close to where the Great Gray was. Barbed started panicking, but I remained steadfast. We decided to drive some roads in search of the Great Gray. Turning west on Concession 2, we spotted a 'jam' of ppl looking at something. That something turned out to be something pretty interesting!!!! See below.

It was pretty cool to see the bird so well and for so long - I've never seen a great gray so well.

We headed back along the lake to Rondeau, stopping in the Onion fields and again in Erieau. We had 3 Snowies at Pelee and 1 more at Rondeau. Also in Rondeau a single N. Mockingbird.

Anyways I'm gettin' a lil tipsy right now, and gotta go to church (for my mom - cuz' she's crazy), so merry christmas ppl and have fun.


  1. Ken, Fantastic photos and video of this boreal beauty. In my short stay this morning, I was unable to get a good un-obstructed view of this owl perched. Thanks for sharing!-DM

  2. Thanks Dwayne! Hope you're able to go back and see it, and get those unobstructed views!! Merry Christmas!