Friday, August 5, 2011

Finders, keepers....

Well not exactly, but whatever. This has been a pretty amazing year for birds and rarities alike. Weather throughout the province and the continent for that matter have been exceptionally hot and dry on average, acting as a catalyst for birds to travel and wander long distances.

Having spent practically an entire month on Pelee Island, plus all the 'normal' birding that I'm fortunate to be able to do, while going to school and working has allowed me to see and find some pretty cool birds. I've listed the noteworthy birds I've found in Ontario in 2011 to date. 

Eurasian Wigeon - April 3rd, Laurel Creek

Eared Grebe - April 27, Pelee Island
American White-Pelican - June 27, Thessalon (4 birds flying over)
Cattle Egret - July 23, Holiday Beach
Glossy Ibis - April 27, Pelee Island
Laughing Gull - April 28, Pelee Island
Laughing Gull - May 24, 2005 Long Point tip

Laughing Gull - July 28, Pelee Island
Parasitic Jaeger - May 14, Pelee Island
Acadian Flycatcher - April 26, Pelee Island - provincially record early
Acadian Flycatcher - May 2011 Fish Point, Pelee Island

Yellow-throated Warbler - April 27, Pelee Island
Kirtland's Warbler - May 10, Pelee Island
Kirtland's Warbler - May 2005 Point Pelee N.P.
Kentucky Warbler - May 7, Pelee Island
Kentucky Warbler - adult male May 2004 Long Point - Breakwater

Henslow's Sparrow - May 6, Pelee Island
Summer Tanager - April 28, Pelee Island (adult male)
Summer Tanager - adult male May 2005 Long Point - Old Cut

                           - April 30, Pelee Island (adult male)
                           - May 6, Pelee Island (first-alternate male)
                           - May 10, Pelee Island (first-alternate male)
Summer Tanager - first-alternate male May 2010 Fish Point, Pelee Island

                           - May 21, Pelee Island (female)
                           - May 22, Point Pelee (first-alternate male)
                           - May 23, Point Pelee (female and first-alternate male)
Western Tanager - May 22, Point Pelee (1 female)
Dickcissel - May 6, Pelee Island (3 birds reverse migrating)
                - May 13, Pelee Island (1 bird reversing)
                - May 22, Point Pelee (1-2 birds reversing)
                - June 16, Wheatley area (3 males on territory)
                - July 28, Point Pelee Onion Fields (1 male on territory)
Western Meadowlark - April 26, Pelee Island

With so with so many great birds seen/found in Ontario so far this year, the rest of the year will hopefully be just as interesting!

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